SEA CAMP OPENS AT Cabo Safari Resort, Friday, December 9 Join Us!


By: Jose Lima, Southern Baja Reporter


-December 9, Sea Camp First Look


CABO Safari SPECIAL's, Custom Bronco's, are available onsite, for Your personal adventures!


Safari style overnights on the beach

Resort style Luxury


And Camping or RV Style accommodations


Locally grown and caught, Fresh ingredients for our Red Safari Lounge



'Wild On Baja' at our Sea Camp, the Centre of Off-Road Sports in Los Cabos





The Off-Road Community has needed a destination at Los Cabos, to 'Let it All hang Out'.

Sea Camp is designed for families and singles alike to mix and mingle in a Hollywood themed 'hangout' designed for campers, RV'ers and country-clubbers alike.

We have all the features of a destination resort and now our 'get-dirty' action oriented Sports Centre. Deep Sea and Desert Sports!

New Broncos are now available! The CABO Safari SPECIAL is here to drive out your Hearts content, along the Red Sea and into the Southern Baja Desert Challenges.

The Off-Road Capital of Southern Baja OPENS SEA CAMP, this Friday, December 9!

After years of development! Blood, sweat and tears of the passionate, 2023 is the year we finally launch our full-time Sports Centre, SEA CAMP!

CABO Safari RESORT - RockStar Energy Mexico